Earneo XP system

The XP system allows Earneo to recognize and reward its most active users, which can help to foster a sense of community and belonging on the platform.

Understanding the XP system

The XP (Experience Points) system on Earneo.Tube and Earneo mobile app, is a way for users to get rewarded for their engagment on the platform.

Each social action that you perform on Earneo.Tube and the Earneo mobile app will earn you XP points. This includes actions such as :

  • Watching videos

  • Sharing videos on social media from the platform

  • Subscribing to a channel

  • Commenting on videos

  • Liking or disliking videos and comments

When you reach 2000 XP points, you will automatically level up on the platform. Every time you reach a new level, the RNO reward system on Earneo.Tube will also increase, allowing you to earn more rewards. For example, when you reach Level 10, your RNO reward will be 10% more than when you started your Earneo journey.

The maximum level on Earneo.Tube is currently Level 50. You can continue to level up until you reach this level.

If you want to level up quickly or just want to enjoy higher earnings without having to perform tasks to level up, you will have the option to purchase XP points using your RNO tokens.

There is a limit on the number of actions that you can perform in a 24-hour period to prevent misuse of the system.

The maximum level on Earneo.Tube is currently Level 50.

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