How to Earn on Earneo

Earneo rewards all of its users in order to create a more engaging and rewarding platform for everyone. By incentivizing both content creators and viewers, Earneo aims to create a strong sense of community and encourage more users to actively participate on the platform. Rewarding all users also helps to create a more sustainable ecosystem for the platform, as it gives creators a way to monetize their work and encourages viewers to watch and engage with more content. Ultimately, the goal of the Earneo reward system is to create a platform that is valuable and rewarding for all users, which will help to drive user engagement and growth.

Earning RNO as a viewers #WatchToEarn

As a viewer on Earneo.Tube, you can earn RNO tokens by simply logging in to your account and watching videos. It’s that simple!

Earning RNO as a Content creator #CreateToEarn

As a content creator on Earneo.Tube, you can earn RNO tokens by publishing videos on the platform and receiving views. The more views you receive on your videos, the more RNO tokens you will earn.

To get started as a content creator on Earneo.Tube, you will need to request access to the Earneo Creator Monetization Program for your channel. This can be done through the Earneo.Tube platform or through the Earneo mobile app.

The amount of RNO tokens that you can earn as a content creator on Earneo.Tube will depend on a variety of factors, including the location of your audience, the type of content you produce, and the length of your videos.

For example, if you have a large and engaged audience in a country with a high CPM value, you may earn more RNO tokens from views compared to a content creator with a similar-sized audience in a country with a lower CPM value. Similarly, certain types of content may be more popular and generate more views, which can lead to higher earnings. The length of your videos can also affect your earnings, as longer videos generally have the potential to generate more views and, therefore, more RNO tokens.

It's also worth noting that the RNO reward system on Earneo.Tube increases as you level up, so the more XP points you have, the more RNO tokens you will be able to get from your content. You can earn XP points by performing actions on the platform, such as sharing your own videos, commenting on other videos, and subscribing to channels.

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