How Monetization works on Earneo

The monetization system on Earneo is based on a revenue sharing model, where a portion of the revenue generated on the platform is distributed among the users of the platform.

Content creators can earn a share of the advertising revenue, with 65% of the revenue being distributed to them.

Viewers also have the option to earn a share of the revenue by choosing to view ads on the platform, with 20% of the revenue being distributed to them.

Moderators, who are responsible for reviewing and approving content, also earn a share of the revenue, with 3% of the revenue being distributed to them.

The remaining portion of the revenue is used to further develop and improve the Earneo platform. Additionally, the platform uses a token buyback and burn system to ensure the liquidity of its RNO tokens.

How do we achieve that ?

This is possible thanks to you, our users.

By displaying ads on Earneo, we create revenue together. This monetization allows higher rewards to the Content creators, Viewers, and Moderators.

Digital video advertising is a growing market where nearly $180.40B was spent in 2022.

We are offering you to earn a piece of that profit.

Advertisers are looking for opportunities to present their products to viewers who are actually interested in them.

This is where we come in.

Earneo is a perfect symbioses of advertisers who want to target their audience and users who want to benefit from watching the ads.

How will monetization work on Earneo?

  1. Advertisers publish ads on Earneo.Tube.

  2. Earneo will be paid according to the reach of the advertisement.

  3. Earneo does a buyback of RNO tokens on the Exchange market. The tokens will be used to compensate the Content creators, Viewers, and Moderators for their hard work.

E.g. Over the course of a week, a video generated 10,000$ in advertising income.

Earneo will do a buyback of 8,800$ worth of RNO token. The tokens will be distributed as following: 65% to the Content creators, 3% to Moderators and 20% to Viewers. The rest is used to further develop Earneo.

Each quarter a fraction of the revenue will be used to buy back tokens, burn them in order to reduce the total supply and be added to the stacking pool.

Nothing beat a diagram to understand how the monetization works.

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