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How to stake RNO

Staking is available only by using RNO tokens on the Binance Smart Chain
Staking RNO is available at https://staking.earneo.tube

Connect your wallet

First, you need to connect your wallet to the staking dashboard. To do so, you can use 3 different methods: Metamask, WalletConnect (Trust Wallet) and Binance Chain Wallet.
Click on Connect Wallet:
Choose which wallet you want to use to stake your RNO:
At the upper right you can see that your wallet is properly connected. Click on Approve to allow the Staking smart contract to interact with your wallet:
Confirm the transaction on your wallet:
Once the approval is done, click on Stake:
When you select the amount and duration, you will see the Staking APR and your estimate earning at the end of the staking period.
Choose a staking duration and the amount you want to stake, then click Confirm.
Confirm again in your wallet:
When the deposit is confirmed, you will see your token staked, and your rewards starting to grow!